In Celebration of Earth Day!

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In Celebration of Earth Day!



Yellowstone Lake

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Yellowstone lake

Yellowstone National Park is awe-inspiring; it evokes a sense of timelessness once the rush of the modern world slows its pace inside its borders. Looking across the 132-square-mile Yellowstone Lake, one can almost hear its geological history whispered in the breeze on a cloudless night.

Yellowstone Lake surrounds itself by natural, vibrant beauty. Varieties of wildflowers are rooted along the expansive shore: blue-purple lupine and red-pink paintbrush, yellow pond lily and white geranium. They reach for the sky amid fallen conifers downed by wind, others downed and charred by fire.


South and West entrances: follow the road to West Thumb, then to Fishing Bridge. The site is on the right approximately 10 miles.

Northeast and East entrances: follow the road to Fishing Bridge, then to West Thumb. The site is on the right approximately 10 miles.

North entrance: follow either route above.