un·mask (ŭn-măsk′)

-To remove a mask from.
-To disclose the true character of; expose.


We all wear masks. It begins at birth. One atop another, a mask is worn to  satisfy the expectations of others. Friends, family, and society tell us what and who to become in life, and because we are abiding people, we comply.

Unfortunately, it can take up to mid-life to realize that the masks are suffocating; they do not fit and are very uncomfortable. Then, one by one we begin to peel them from our face, our body, and our soul to show the world our true self:

The painter instead of the doctor; the counselor instead of the teacher; the mechanic instead of the salesman; the poet instead of the attorney; the man instead of the woman; the woman instead of the man.

Nonetheless, the world continues to see who we are not.

To be Unmasked takes time, it’s a long and often frustrating process.  Think of it as the hero’s journey. You will battle opposing forces, often yourself, to obtain what you desire–a truer you. On this journey, you will recognize your talents and pursue your passions. You will feel comfortable in your skin and strong in your convictions. In time, all masks will fall away until there are no more.

Renaissance Festival-038
“I am not what you see, I am more; I am me.” ~J. Mortenson



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