Sometimes when I am alone
I escape 017_14A
the repetition of monotonous
Sometimes when I escape

I run from the industrious noise

     into the woods to


what it means, not to live, but to be alive.

Sometimes I am awake,

   wandering in the mountains above Sámara amid capuchins. I sit above

the ocean, nearer the equator, where Nature soothes incessant thoughts.capuchin
Sometimes I am alive,

     awake in Montana, home amid the grizzly, the elk, the moose, and wolf. I

climb nearer to them, and the energizing force that keeps me alive.

Sometimes I breathe.

When I am perched on a ledge at 12,000 feet or squatting beneath a canopy of life inside the rainforest,

I inhale to fill the hollow of my lungs with a burning life force.
Sometimes when I cannot escape,
                  I sit quietly behind my eyes
         lids encapsulating a vision. Suddenly, I am there.
A breeze off the mountain caresses my face.
A mist inside the jungle saturates my skin.
Solace in Nature. 
    Sometimes when I am alone,
        I am never alone.
photography ©JMortenson

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